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Time lapse video of setting up...                                and the evening's visitors

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The intersection of Wall Street and Main Street.
It really exists in Bridgeport, CT and Green Bay WI

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Cookin' the Books
(Click on the pictures for a super-size view)

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Things that "died" after the credit meltdown...

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Classic stockbroker reaction.

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"DSC_0046.JPG (4080097 bytes)
Hello, my name is Freddie

DSC_0081.JPG (5189702 bytes)
and my name is Mac

Dsc_0089.jpg (2835353 bytes)
and I'm FannieMae

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Next Window Please...

DSC_0073.JPG (5083911 bytes)
to where Theresa staffed the Teller Window

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Complete with sliding candy drawer


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You Betcha!!  Palin and McCain stopped by.


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A long night of "loaning" out candy


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Skeleton is wearing a Lehman Brothers poncho.
And perpetual rain under the umbrella

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Kevin (Zombie Stockbroker)
Theresa (Teller from Hell)
Colleen ($700 Billion Bailout)

Photo and performance art by Gregg the Gin Soaked Broker