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Why not turn our porch into the bow of a ship?

With pirates scaling the gunwales
(Click on the pictures for a super-size view)

The prow and masthead is 2" pink foam, carved and painted.
The rest of the bow is brown canvas grommeted and tied to the porch.


The head is a foam wig stand, painted by Theresa

Looks pretty good at night

The inside of the porch was decorated as the captains quarters, complete with background sounds of rocking ship/creaking timbers

The pirate on the chair is Theresa, waiting for the quietly for those who want to be frightened

The kids spent a fair amount of time deciding if she's "real" or not.
I didn't record the screams.

Treasure!!  The pirate in the middle is our neighbor, set to scare the unsuspecting.

More victims


As the night goes on, cars line up down the street

The city halfway cut down a dead tree. We turned it into a crows nest..

A boombox in the crowsnest played a sound loop of pirates from Disney's POTC ride